Joris Noordenbos

Joris is a self-taught, conceptual and passionately enthusiastic director. He spent the last five years directing commercials and online films. He works for different agencies like MullenLowe London, N=5 and FHV BBDO, but also directly for big brands like Philips, Ahold and ABN Amro.

“I find nothing more fascinating than people! I love to tell a story through a characters eyes and make the audience feel something through the emotions of the people on screen.” Joris is an expert in directing actors, always getting believable, sincere and moving performances from his cast. His specialty is working with children.

Besides his commercial work, Joris had made several short films, his latest Vandaag is van ons (Today is ours) playing on festivals around the world. He also directed episodes of Spangas, a daily children’s television show about high school youth. “I love the combination of directing both commercials and fiction. My fiction work benefits hugely from doing commercials, because they allow me to experiment and try different things. Vice versa, I try to make my commercials as cinematic as possible.”

Joris other passion are food films, because he loves to create images that tickle the taste buds. “I seek to create luscious and rich films that play with your senses far beyond your eyes. I want you to forget your watching film, because you feel your mouth water and you can almost smell the food your seeing.”

To achieve this, Joris always starts at the basis: ingredients. Because every dish, even the ones never eaten and just shown, start with the purest and most beautiful ingredients. After that, Joris takes a holistic approach. Because as important as the food, is what is around it: the plate, the table, and parts of ingredients. Which color those all are and the way those are lit. “Everything has to come together in a single frame to make you feel hungry.”