Jorrit Stollman (1977) is a Dutch director with vast experience in high speed film productions. Using this spectacular technique, Jorrit is able to make the invisible appear, capture the unknown and visualize abstraction, always with one goal: To amaze and inspire.
As a trained microbiologist, he became fascinated with movements, structures and life forms. He uses this inspiration for his work as a director, always looking for a surprising visual effect.
Jorrit has been directing for more than 10 years, specializing in food and tabletop in combination with CGI and Live action. Working together with the best Food, SFX and VFX people and working with the Bolt and other high-speed motion control systems.
Jorrit also has extensive experience in the complex processes of CGI integration with life action, having started up and owned a well-regarded animation and postproduction company in Amsterdam. Mastering and integrating all available real life and computer techniques, Jorrit has created his own visual style to create surprising, visually spectacular work for clients such as Asics, Schweppes, Philips, Heineken and YSL.