Justin Bodenkamp was born in 1979 and grew up in a small village in The Netherlands. Besides loving windsurfing as well as playing drums as a young adult, he was also very much interested in photography. After he studied media and television in Hilversum he got admitted to the royal academy for art direction photography in The Hague.  After this he started working in the film industry in the lighting department. He worked on numerous film sets such as black book and Oceans 12. His knowledge of lighting was shaped in this period and became a key element in his work as a director of photography today. Since Justin always seeks to improve himself he also attended the college of multimedia in Amsterdam to also learn all about editing. This educations really gave him the final storytelling knowledge he uses for directing films nowadays. 

His work can be best described as stylish/graphical and perhaps even a bit edgy.  Justin strives for a authentical and organic look and therefor always prefers to shoot the actual shot in live action.