Manuel Werner

Manuel Werner was born as the son of a comic artist and a writer of pioneer computer books.
While growing up surrounded by paint brushes, pencils, his dad`s super8 cameras and homecomputers of the first generation, he made his inital experiences with film editing, storyboarding, computer graphics and animation during his schooldays with designing flyers, experimental visuals for clubs and band live performances. In those days using a mix of Super8, Polaroid Transfer collages, serigraphy techniques, Photoshop, VHS and old video mixers.
So right after his Abitur (College Graduation), he made the logical move into the filmbusiness focussing on his childhood dream to be a director.

After starting as a casting assistant, extensive education in production, post-production, editing, graphics and visual effects followed.

Then he started to prove his talents as a filmmaker fast and furiously, shooting music videos only for a few years until he made the step into the commercial world.
Benefiting from his great knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking he did not lose any time to establish himself as one of the young german directors, with a stunning number of ads and music-videos he did since then.

Already his first spot made it on the Shots New Directors Showcase. Lots of awards followed. New York Festivals, London Advertising Festivals, Moebius Awards, Spotlight Awards, Shots Creative Showcase, just to name a few.
He won the prestigious German „best music-video of the year“ Echo Award in 2002.

His handwriting varies from feature film looks and storytelling, documentary and modern lifestyle oriented visuals, to challenging, even experimental styles.

Manuel often edits his films himself, owns his own Avid System, S16mm, S35mm and digital film equipment and likes all things analog whilst heavily using all things digital.
Besides that Manuel learned contrabass for 8 years on a renowned German Jazz school, playes the electric bass too, uses a lot of digital and analog sound equipment just for fun and still makes use of his old Technics Mk1210 when his time allows it.

Manuel currently lives in Berlin.