Crazy about food, nuts about filmmaking.

Whether it’s inspiring street food in the little Bangkok alleys, ‘going whole hog’ on a woodfire or a three star Michelin dinner, he just loves it all as you can tell by his little big belly.

His goal is to make original and luscious food films with a mere dose of stopping power combined with a fetching but authentic story. He understands as no other that a good idea can only become great if the execution is spot on.

All of his work starts with the idea that food has natural beauty of its own. He always tries to optimize the real story by combining authenticity together with dazzling shots, natural light, integrate superb styling with original points of view and whenever possible use surprising techniques to engage our audience as much as possible. Besides that, he’s convinced that music is the soul of the movie.

He worked more than five years as an art director at several Amsterdam based advertising agencies. As a result he’s trained to see things from the brand as well as the consumer point of view. He says,’It’s my task that our audience doesn’t perceive the film as a mere ad, but experiences a feeling, an emotion, a vision or a memory.’

Niels is Dutch and lives in the frisky city of Rotterdam. As an seasoned traveller he’s seen a lot of the world. As a result he adapts easily to different environments and loves to work abroad.