Amstel Pure Malt

Malt, Matchcuts & Mouthwatering shots...


Crafting an Appetising Visual Journey 

In the fast-paced world of food and beverage marketing, captivating visuals play a pivotal role in capturing the hearts and taste buds of consumers. We recently embarked on an exciting project with Amstel, leveraging our expertise in crafting visually stunning tabletop shots and macroshots of beer and malt. This case study delves into the "how," "why," and "what" of this collaboration, highlighting the remarkable outcomes achieved and the potential it holds for future productions.

Directed by Jorrit Stollman


How: Crafting a Visual Feast

We embarked on a meticulous process to create a captivating visual narrative for Amstel Pure Malt. This involved employing state-of-the-art production techniques and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The team captured each shot with precision, highlighting the beauty and allure of Amstel Pure Malt's simple, but high quality ingredients.

With meticulous attention to detail, we selected and arranged the tabletop shots and macroshots to create an enticing library of imagery. The use of creative lighting techniques, dynamic compositions, and expertly crafted sequences using motion-controllled robotics and special effects, elevated the visual experience, bringing the essence of Amstel Pure Malt to life.

Why: Elevating the Brand Experience

Amstel Pure Malt sought to establish a strong brand presence and evoke a sense of desire among its target audience. We recognized the potential of visually captivating content to elevate the brand experience and stimulate consumer engagement. By integrating these stunning shots into Amstel Pure Malt's library, the brand ensured a consistent and appetizing visual identity across all marketing touchpoints.

Through the power of imagery, we successfully communicated the craftsmanship, quality, and sophistication of Amstel Pure Malt. The combination of rich colors, intricate textures, and elegant movements created a multisensory experience that resonated with viewers, instilling a desire to indulge in the product.

What: The Sizzle Reel and Beyond

We went beyond the creation of a visually striking library and curated a captivating sizzle reel for Amstel Pure Malt. This dynamic montage artfully combined the most tantalizing shots, encapsulating the brand's essence in a concise and compelling manner. The sizzle reel served as a powerful promotional tool, capturing the attention of potential customers and leaving a lasting impression.

Moreover, the extensive library of visually stunning shots provides Amstel Pure Malt with a versatile asset for future marketing endeavors. From print campaigns to digital advertisements, these captivating visuals will continue to entice consumers, strengthening the brand's appeal and contributing to its long-term success.

Closing off...

Finally some behind the scenes, so you can catch a glimpse of how we master the tabletop trickery

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