Transforming brand challenges into appetising engagement.

Captivating visual narratives that leave viewers wanting for more. 


Let's go over a couple of things to get to know us and how we work to create appetite.

We’re experts when it comes to creating culinary magic and tabletop trickery. We are a creative production company who focus solely on food film & photography. We have mastered modular and complex workflows. We create and produce for all ends of the spectrum and for all audiences.



Relevant content, Multiple Channels, Many Markets

We specialize in creating relevant content across channels and markets, all while working within a single budget. Our secret? Efficient production and versatile storytelling, with the highest service level.

Our skilled team excels at crafting captivating visuals and compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Leveraging our expertise in film production, we bring your brand's story to life, ensuring it remains engaging and culturally relevant.

We deliver high-impact content that speaks directly to your audience, no matter where they are. Let's create content that truly connects with your target market. Together, we'll elevate your brand's presence across multiple channels and markets.


But really, what do we do?

  • Film, Photography & Content production
  • End-to-end post production
  • Service production
  • Elevating your creative or script
  • Food Film & Artificial intelligence / Generative AI
  • Director Search to match script
  • Creative F&B Consultancy 
  • Petting our 3 office dogs
  • Lunch, really nice lunch
  • Making sure we service you at the highest level

Elevating Appetising Scripts

We're your creative partners in crime... or production. When you need that extra spark to elevate a script from good to mind-blowing, our team of talented directors and creatives are here to save the day, or week...

Picture this: you've got a killer concept, but it needs that magic touch to make it shine. That's where we come in. Our directors are masters at bringing stories to life, injecting them with flair, style, and emotion. With a dash of our signature spice, we turn concepts into unforgettable engaging experiences that leave audiences hungry for more.

From character development to jaw-dropping visuals, we'll help you serve up a sizzling script that will soothe the minds of all your stakeholders.


Yeah! Numbers!



The bigger part of our productions include more than 150 assets. Our strength lies large scale multi-asset productions.



We make great effort to donate all leftovers and surplus from our shoots to foodbanks, reverse supermarkets or people in need.







If you can imagine it we can create it. We have our own studio next to our offices where we can realise every kind of environment.



The bigger chunk of the work we create is published on digital touchpoints, but we don't shy away from TVC's either, you know 😇


Brand or Agency?

Nosh FoodFilms thrives on versatility, working closely with agencies and brands in various forms. Our adaptive approach caters to unique needs, whether collaborating with agencies, partnering with marketing teams, or engaging directly with brands. Understanding specific challenges and goals, we foster collaborative partnerships to deliver exceptional results.

Employing our expertise in film and photography, we create compelling content that showcases products, evokes emotions, and captures brand essence, leaving a lasting impression.

Creating Appetite 🍋 Creating Appetite 🍋 Creating Appetite 🍋 Creating Appetite 🍋 Creating Appetite 🍋 Creating Appetite 🍋

Many assets, much wow. So modular!

We specialize in creating impactful, high-quality productions for major FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brands. Our focus is on larger, modular projects that leave a lasting impression with their audiences. With an average of 200+ assets per production, we go above and beyond to deliver visually stunning content that solves brand challenges.

Whether we're working in a spacious studio or exploring unique locations, our goal is to capture the essence of the brand's DNA and deliver on their KPI's.

From eye-catching photos to captivating films, we cover all touchpoints to ensure your message reaches audiences across various mediums. We blend our passion for food and film to create a truly unforgettable and engaging experience.

Reels, Posts
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